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Our history

Our History

Founding and the rise of Scintillatetech Informatics services

We're the Scintillate Informatics, full-service digital industry. Started in 2015 as a freelance website design firm with an ambition to lead digital industry. By the year 2019, we realized that it's now time to emerge as a service provider but not just a freelancer. Today we are the top most website design and development company building websites on the platforms like Duda, Wix, Mono, WordPress and not forget static HTML.

This journey was not easy. It was taking more and more effort to win online, and we were trying everything, using every tool. However, we see great results and success. Though, its small but we will make it large soon. Below is the short brief of our journey from the year 2015 to the present. Which outcast our successes, our clients, our team and our learning experience we had.

2015 - 2016

The start of Scintillate Informatics!

Founded by the two young and dynamic childhood friends, Jakka Pranav Naidu and Gattu Venkata Sai Chandra in the year 2015. While pursuing their bachelors and working on university projects, they started receiving requests from their friends and relatives to complete their projects too.

That was how they had an idea of starting their own firm which works on the projects like creating websites, designing logo’s, designing presentations and so on.

In just two months, they have started taking local business projects in the same domains and in very less time, people started knowing about the brand SCINTILLATE INFORMATICS.

2016 - 2017

The Early Years Of Scintillate Informatics
(Foundations And Beginnings)

After creating the brand in the local market, Scintillate Informatics started receiving projects from other states as well. Our first project was from Mumbai and we delivered a website design, logo design and product catalog design for a garments merchant.

The client was so much satisfied with our work that he referred us to other two clients. And that’s how, in the month of Mar 2016, we have created our brand SCINTILLATE INFORMATICS in Mumbai.

2017 - 2018

The Early Years Of Scintillate Informatics
(Foundations And Beginnings)

Not limiting us to just local or state wide market, this both youngsters, started pitching international clients through freelance portals like elance (now known as Upworks),, and so on.

Though it was time taking to get the start, they never lose hopes and started spending more time to reach each and every client. In the end, the first project was to design a sales presentation for a company in Florida. However, it was a small project; this project provided a lot of energy and motivation to do more and more. By the end of 2017, Scintillate Informatics had delivered happiness for more than 200 customers. worldwide.

2018 - 2019

Evolution of Scintillate Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

The customers, who were part of the 2017 journey, were also continued with us in 2018. Apart from that, they have even referred new customers also.

This is the year, Scintillate Informatics stepped in the platform based sites like Duda. Although, we delivered many sites in other CMS platforms like WordPress in the past, working on Duda platforms provided a huge happiness and a reason to start an organization.

By the end of the year 2018, Scintillate Informatics has delivered more than 200 sites on the Duda platform and almost 500 sites on the WordPress platform with just a team of 5 members which even includes Jakka

2019 - 2020

This is the Year this two youngsters launched an organization with the name, Scintillate Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

By this time, Scintillate Informatics has got many clients from around the world who gives the business every day. This is the year; Mr. Mahendra Dev joined Scintillate Informatics Pvt. Ltd as the Director of Business Operations and started reducing the burden from both Jakka and GVS.

After starting an organization with the team of just 15 members, it took just couple of months to increase the team size to 60. The project count and happy clients count was increasing day by day and the year ended with a happy note.

2020 - 2021

The year of COVID – 19

Almost all the start-up and organizations were either shutdown or not operating. But Scintillate Informatics was there all the time to deliver projects and happiness to their customers.

This is the year, Scintillate informatics has signed up an agreement with one of the biggest giants of web designing company from Italy, Australia and Philippines. The year 2020, may be the zero year for most of the organizations but for Scintillate informatics, it’s a 100% profitable year.

By the end of 2020, Scintillate Informatics had the team of more than 90 employees which includes, Website designers, Website developers, UI developers, QA testers and the administration team.

2021 - Present

Started the year with a new location, new goals and new ambitions.

With increasing employee and project count every day, Scintillate Informatics is now targeting to strike new goals. With the current seating capacity of 200 employees on the floor, we are now on the way to filling up entire floor very soon. After successful competition of 2020, Scintillate informatics now serving for countries like, Italy, Australia, Philippines, Brazil, Netherlands, UK, Spain and South Africa.

We are now targeting to deliver more and more happy clients from different other countries in the future.